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Caring and Inclusive Space (EBI)


Erosticratie has set up a space where you can fully live your experiences and explorations, and reflect on your emotions in all their diversity. This is made possible by a recognition and an implication of all of you during Erosphere, participants, volunteers and animators, with the watchful and active presence of Workshop Management and Listening and Support volunteers. These volunteers are chosen for their skills, knowledge or commitment in order to welcome you to the best. However, we remain volunteers and if a need exceeds our skills, we will strive to guide you to other resources



This is a matter of creating collectively and consciously in a respectful and inclusive space. It is is also where we can explore, share and bloom in  welcoming communication. That each of us can express and live their needs, their limits and welcome without judgment those others (for example by agreeing on a word or a gesture that allows to moderate or to interrupt an interaction). It is by this meshing of benevolence and consent of everyone that each of us can adduce to let loose. The space is under our collective responsibility, it is entirely up to each of us to respect it.

From our experience, two utterly normal phenomenons can be expected during the festival:

  • Changes in your inner weather conditions. Do not be alarmed, do not judge yourself. Be thankful for these emotions coursing through you, they will eventually reveal their meaning.

  • A roller-coaster trip means big heights as well as big lows. They lay the way for each other. Let's approach them playfully and trustingly.


As a supplement to this co-creation of a friendly and including space, a dedicated place can welcome you, if you feel the need.

Listening and Support


This space is open to any person who wishes to to testify of, share or express an emotion or a situation, and who wishes for some company while reconnecting to theirselves.


Why would I use the Listening & Support space?

  • I'm experiencing an emotion connected to my own history;

  • I have unnerving questions, realizations;

  • I wish to debrief on an experience with a neutral actor;

  • I wish to express myself freely without need for a dialogue;

  • I need a distanced ear or eye.

In support of the FIS and the animators, the volunteers from Workshop Management team will be present in every workshop of the festival. They are in charge of watching that the interactions respect the principles of safety, hygiene and consent, as well as the frame of activities (exercises, workshops, improvisations, etc.) and the principles of the Charter of the festival.

An attitude of benevolence, respect and mutual assistance is requested from all of you.

What's to be done in case of doubt on an interaction which I witness and\or actor-trice (consent, physical risk, emotional strong state, etc.)?

If you feel in measure to intervene, this is what you can do:

  • Obtain eye contact with someone involved in the risk. If done, indicate the element to risk so that the person intervenes her.his.self.

  • In case of lack of understanding from the nonverbal exchange or an absence of eye contact, get closer to clarify the potential risk by talking about facts and not people.

  • In case of resolution, you can reformulate your favorable opinion so that all the concerned people can confirm.

  • In case of doubt, do not hesitate to request the opinion of an animator or an assistant or any volunteer


​Do not forget that it is, above all, important to respect your limits, to listen your body and follow your intuitions. The art of agreement begins with oneself before giving it to someone, isn't it?

We wish you a beautiful communication of your needs and limits, of your desires and phantasmagoria, following your rhythms and co-chosen moments.


​Worskshop Management and Listening and Support teams

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