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A appel à candidature pour les ateliers Erosphère 2020 - Call for applications for the Erosphere 2020 workshops

Every summer, Erosticratie invites you to Erosphere, the interactive festival dedicated to erotic creativity. It is the interaction of Eros – love, creativity, sexuality – with Sphere – harmony, lightness, immersion. Erosphere brings us together, regardless of sex, gender, identity or orientations, with and beyond the existing communities. All participation is subject to the EROSPHERE Charter.

This initiative has two aspects: the OFF, taking place all over the capital, and the IN, for which there is a fee, located in the center of Paris.

Learn more about the festival

For all practical questions, please consult the EROSPHERE FAQ.


IMG_2985 (3).JPG


OFF from July 8 to 12

IN from July 14 to 17

in Paris

At a time when we discover – and rediscover – our faces,

On the eve of stripping our bodies to offer them to the spring breezes,

It's time to rejoice in the long-awaited return of Erosphere. A festival neither canceled nor truncated, which will deploy all its fantasy!

In order to adapt the number of entries to sanitary conditions before the festival, the opening of the Erosphere IN ticket office will take place in two steps.

A first ticket office will open on Sunday April 3 at 9 p.m.

A second will open in May (the date will be communicated on social networks and by newsletter)

Our prices have changed slightly: indeed, if most of the Erosticrates and goodwill remain completely voluntary, it was important to us to remunerate the tremendous work of referents (technical, coordination, etc.)

Ticketing links will be available on social media and right here on our website.

People wishing to submit a request for a solidarity rate can consult the conditions here

A taste of the EROSPHERE IN programming!

Copie de Gw_gwendoline-descamps-erosphere-205.jpg
And the prostate became a fountain

Philippe Arlin

Exploration of the prostate, at your fingertips.


Copie de Gw_gwendoline-descamps-erosphere-253.jpg
Express yourself

Juste Nadia

Space of consciousness and expression of desires.

Welcome to the Sacher-Masoch Clinic

Lou et Same Element

Prescription for auscultations, examinations and special cures!

Natt  teenage soul sex party 2.jpg
Teenage Bliss

Anna Natt

Remember the frenzy and the erotic sweats of the teens age.

Paranormal sextivities

Kind Doktor Senzo M.

Bringing our spooky chimeras to life!

Mayliss BDSM Sac à mains.jpg
BDSM handbag

Maîtresse Maylis

The art of dominating with next to nothing.

MLarue et Pascia Guedj.atelier
The exaltation of hormones

Michèle Larue

The yoga of hormones to boost the endocrine glands.

Castellanos poetica02_edited.jpg
the poetics of play

Nico Castellanos

Raising the erotic game from objects to subjects.

Lou Sex lesbien.jpg
Roaring Twenties Lesbian Pleasures

Lou Liesse et Carole Wirtz

Immerse yourself in the subdued atmosphere of a lesbian cabaret from the Roaring Twenties (non-mixed gender)

Chistian Mamoun.jpg
Eyes listening & ears watching

L'Albatrice et Yamato

A masturbatory ear and sight laboratory under giant screen and binoral sound.

Copie de 154_18_07_0643_EROSPHERE.jpg
Gurges profundis


Exploration from mouth to throat.


Campbel Playfight.png
Rendez-vous sur le ring


Melee connections in a mattress arena.

Sex Muppet Story

Jean-Christophe Petit et Moiselle Pardine

What if your sexes had the floor? What if you played down your genitals? Free them! Free yourself!

Sandbox, the dreamlike workshop


In the delights of our dreamed hours.

At your fingertips


How to properly hurt in acupressure.

Keep track of the ephemeral

Ellia Brightmoon

Imprint the dance of bodies and emotions.

Nadine de Rothschild's home orgy

Meta Tshiteya

Pleasure to give and joy to receive!

Photo : Ness Harper pour le Labo Performance



du 2 au 4 juillet à Paris


Photo : Erika Nyx

Role-playing game where spelling is incidental, by L'Albatrice and Nikki Kit

Friday, July 2 at 9 p.m.

Take out your double copies and your pens, put away your textbooks and your dictionaries: today, it's dictated, spelling becoming a pretext.


Photo : Defla

By Patrick the Rider

Saturday July 3 at 10 a.m.

In a cozy atmosphere, come and start the day gently (or not...) over a coffee and some delicacies, while listening to a mischievous and eclectic selection.


Illustration : Defla

Treasure hunt by Patrick le Cavalier

Saturday July 3 at 2 p.m.

Paris à coeur et à cul, an urban SeXploration: come browse and play in the center of Paris as you have probably never seen it before.

Copie de shutterstock_748412758_WNstock.

Photo : WN Stock

Role Play by Thomas Cheshire-_-Cat  and  Ellia Brightmoon

Saturday July 3 at 9 p.m.

Let yourself be drawn into a tabletop role-playing game that will make you experience hot and funny erotic scenes whose only limit is your imagination. Only one rule: "it" will fail..."


Photo : Patrick Siboni

With Erosphere sports coaches

Sunday July 4 from 10 a.m.

Here is the perfect opportunity to put on your best sportswear for a very special course.

Claire Richard © Astrid di Crollalanza.j

Photo : Astrid di Crollalanza

Listen to an interactive podcast, with our guests

Sunday July 4 at 5 p.m.


As you listen to this immersive podcast by Claire Richard produced by Arte Radio, you will trace the genealogy of your phantasmagoria in a personal logbook. The evening will end with a round table with our guests.

Photo : Victoire Renard for Erosphere 2019





OFF: July 13-16

Saturday 13/07

  • "Up to the rope", initiation to shibari by May Dosem

  • "Erosticausery", a casual talk on "Sex objects: sex toys and artefacts" with Moiselle Pardine


Sunday 14/07  

  • "Great kinky treasure hunt!", in a Parisian garage sale, with Patrick

  • “FACE 2019”,  Associative Forum of  Cultures  erotic

  • “Thermal Sublimation”,  Bordeaux cabaret by the La Flaque collective


Monday 15/07

  • “Pole like a diva”, pole dance lessons for all genres, by Mariana Baum.

  • "Love and fresh flesh",  pocket music hall  with  J. Marin  and  E. Amrofel.


Tuesday 07/16

  • “DIY massage candle”,  with Eve de Candaulie.

  • “Tastes of 2019”  a joyful and cultural evening, the  tastes  put in your mouth a delicious artistic program.





IN: July 18-21

Artistic residencies

  • Drawing and writing:  Joao Vilhena  and  Tristan Tremeau

  • Photography  : Victory Fox

  • Sound: Auguste Dard

  • Video: Matthieu Terrien


set photographers

Cléa Fauve




“Emancipation” axis

  • Sade's Ferry - Mademoiselle Pardine

  • American Horror Kitchen - Adrienne and D'Ange Happy Poet

  • Dolls and Droids - The Good Dr. Senzo

  • Queer's Up! - Daria Marx, Eva, Dal

  • Voguing - Patric Kuo

  • Clothes and me! - Eden Weiss and Pamela in Person

Axis "Transgression"

  • Tickling Battle - L'Albatrice

  • Fist'and you -  Juan Carlos de la Fistiniere

  • Shit Really Happens - Adam and Eve  

  • Of threads and needles - Mina

  • Chaînbari© - Lorêne and Foxie von Buffalo

  • SenXuality of your clown - Charlie

"Emotion" axis

  • Remote sex -  Just Nadia and Bø Skendall

  • Secret ceremony -  Otomo De Manuel

  • May your will be celebrated! - Johann Chaulet and Chloe Libere

  • Orgy for Beginners - Leio Mokusei and Nawa Kitsune

  • Body Body oh yes oh yes -  Esther

  • Eros of Phonesia® -  Anatoly Vlasov

Photo: Patrick Siboni for Erosphere 2018



OFF:  8 -10  July

Sunday 8/07  

  • "Erotic cultural stroll at Père Lachaise" with Patrick Le  Rider

  • “FACE 2018”,  Associative Forum of  Cultures  erotic

  • “Vulnis Burger” show - by the Famapoil collective


Monday 9/07

  • Writing workshop "Writing in the skin"  co-hosted by Eugène Durif and  Albatrice

  • Workshop "Who's afraid of the big bad street harassment" led by the Chattes de gutter

  • Show "Là, se délasse Lilith" by the Compagnie Marinette Dozeville  


Tuesday 10/07

  • Conference  "Sex  was  we  everyone's  lips"  by Tristan  Tremeau

  • Do it yourself workshop: your own whip with Sam

  • “Tastes of 2018”  a joyful and cultural evening, the  tastes  put in your mouth a delicious artistic program.

IN: July 12/15

Artistic residencies

  • Drawing: Clarence

  • Writing:   Eugene Durif

  • Photography  : Patrick Siboni



Axis "Elegances" -  The time of seduction

  • dialectic of desire  - Meta

  • slapdance  - Manon Praline and Lex S. 

  • The art of oral sex  -Laura 

  • First lady - Maryssa Rachel and  Eve of Candaulia   

  • twerking  : Celebrate your body and soul!  - Ophelia Joh 

  • Percussion body-pore-wings  -Vincent Libre   

“Experiences” axis -  The time of sedition

  • In your ass  -Nehra Stella

  • The Little Museum of Shame - Felix Ruckert

  • Kamasûtrois and more if affinities  - Chloe Liberated  and D'Ange Happy Poet

  • performM / Queer  - FloZif and Marianne  Chargois

  • Resistance Play - Felix Ruckert

  • SM LARP  : inquiry  - L'Albatrice

Axis "Indecency" - The time of sweating

  • 1Pact between us - Miss B. and Rasaben

  • Tantra: to  the search for my ecstatic source  -Joe Jam 

  • Trampling and foot fetish  - Patrick and Dirty Sophie

  • liquidate me  - Misungui

  • Olfactix  : the Flair Play SPACE  - Dr. Senzo  & Esther Nea

  • OuSexPo - Moiselle Pardine (with Sacha Bel-Ami)

Photo: Robert Darklight for Erosphere 2017



OFF: 9  -11  July

Sunday 9/07  

  • “FACE 2017 ”,  Associative Forum of  Cultures  erotic

  • Projection of  "Portrait of a young woman"  and debate,  with director Stéphane Arnoux and Misungui, subject of the documentary


Monday 10/07

  • "My Own Pussy" - CANCELED, featuring  Nathalie Mondot

  • "CordS-M" with  Charlie & Fox

  • "Eroism" in 7th heaven with Dr Senzo & Fox


Tuesday 11/07

  • "My pussy to me", with  Nathalie Mondot

  • "CordS-M" with  Charlie & Fox

  • “Tastes of 2017”  a joyful and cultural evening, the  tastes  put in your mouth a delicious artistic program.

IN: 13-16  July

Artistic residencies

  • Paint :  Fraulein MM

  • Photography  : Robert Darklight

  • Video: Leisy Leidy


Axis "Fantasy"

  • UFOsex, Dr Senzo & Esther Nea

  • The tranquility of the stool - Sacha Bel-Ami 

  • Art-Sub - L'Albatrice 

  • Panda SM  -Otomo & Yumie

  • Backrooms - KAy Garnellen 

  • Dou·C/L·eur - Rasaben

"Harmony" axis

  • My toy box - Adam & Nathalie Giraud 

  • Going towards the other - Les Chahuteuses

  • Fat Sex - Fat Policy:  Eva Perez-Bello & Daria Marx

  • Jealousies - Mx. jena 

  • Improv of all kinds - Yannick Tango & Mx. jena 

  • Flesh Only - Moiselle Pardine & Jill The Bathtub

Axis "Magic"

  • Tantra and Sextoys -  Nelly Germain

  • GlitterQueen - Carolila

  • The Magic Flight - Flo White Wolf

  • Erogenous dance - Robin Decourcy & Delphine Olivari

  • Rope climbing - Satomi Zpira

  • Charming Genie Tal - Laura Pynson

Photo : Kris Moog pour Erosphère 2016



OFF: July 10 -12

Sunday 10/07  

  • Erotic writing workshops, with Hélène Gugenheim and Moiselle Pardine

  • Conference-workshop "Sex and Media", with Flore Cherry

  • Short evening! in partnership with the Festival Film de Fesse (FFF)


Monday 11/07

  • X character design, with Dr Senzo

  • Erotic walks, with Charlotte


Tuesday 12/07

  • Previews, IN 2016 launch party



IN: 14-17  July

Artistic residencies

  • Writing:  Helen Gugenheim

  • Plastic arts: UVulVa

  • Music: Otomo

  • Photography  : Kris Moog


"Excitement" axis

  • Benevolent journey in his body - Daria Marx & Miss Botero

  • Prostate - emotions - Nathalie Giraud

  • My own pussy - Nathalie Mondot

  • Energy bewitchment - Millarca

  • Naughty Massages - Joe Jam

  • Out of Erogenous Zone - Bat-Winged Angel

"Connection" axis

  • Domestic discipline  -Lukas Zpira

  • Intergenerational power games  -Lukas Zpira

  • Animalization  - Dr. Senzo

  • BDSM head first  - Aloyss

  • Blades and Picks  - Marquis & Kei Corvo

  • OrgaSMology - Marie Albatrice

"Expression" axis

  • Grant me this pleasure  - Cyril Quantiques

  • Daydream  fantastical  - Ysel and Theo

  • Breathe, dance, switch - Nicolás

  • Sensory Trail  -Audric Zen

  • What an improvisation! - Tchivett

  • Strip! - Galliane Murmurs)


Photo : Enora Nott pour Erosphère 2015

Erosticratie_Groupe 3_Brut.jpg


OFF: August 22-26

Saturday 07/22  

  • Valerie Mischler

  • Crossfire

  • Nights

Monday 08/24

  • Sex and Philosophy

  • "This is my Body"

Tuesday 08/25

  • Shibari initiation workshop

Wednesday 08/26

Previews, IN 2015 launch party

  • Reading by Moiselle Pardine

  • Inbal Yalon Theater, Karine Jurquet

  • Massage with Clément B. and Fox

  • Drag King/Queen workshop

  • Meeting with Kay Garnellen

  • The playful and detailed history of the clitoris

IN: 14-17  July

Exhibition and artistic residency

  • Photography: Enora Nott

  • Photography and video: Nathalie Mondot

  • Painting "Live Painting" and "FastPainting"  : Delphine B.

  • His  : Marie Lisel



  • Acroyoga flights -  Pascal Blaise

  • Clitoral meditation  -  Karine Jurquet

  • Tender Analitude  -  Senzo M

  • Cuddles & confidences -sharing-  Valec & Magali Mathé

  • Caresses and shivers -  Clement B.

  • On the art of caring -  Aude and Patrick for Paris-M


  • Roped dizziness -  Satomi Zpira

  • Minimal SM -  L'Albatrice

  • delights of evil  -  peter banki

  • Talk dirty to me -  Inbal Yalon

  • Playful capture -  Antoine Savalsky

  • Searing Obsessions -  Moiselle Pardine & Myster Draw'me



  • The mysteries of Dionysus  -  ottoman

  • Animal and erogenous invocations -  Flo White Wolf

  • Depicted bodies -  Carolila

  • Second skin -  anxiety inducing

  • Geishattitude -  Satomi Zpira

  • On the other side" -  Kay Garnellen


Photo : Matt Foxx



OFF: August 26-27


Tuesday 08/26

  • Previews, launch party for the 2014 edition

Wednesday 08/27

  • Tango and strings workshop: an encounter  !

  • Exclusive screening "The Daughters of Eve and the Serpent" + Erogenous Reading

  • Free  erotic journey

  • INTERLUDE animation "OFF" n°2 exclusive film and erotic reading



  • Nathalie Mondot

  • Yann Minh

  • Melanie LeGrand

  • Wieglas

  • Pierre Estable

  • Aurelien Saddle

  • Antoine Savalski

  • Mary Lisel

  • Radio creation  : " THANK YOU MADAM "

IN: August 28-30

Artistic residencies

  • Plastic arts: Aniès Gomez “Double “I“”

  • Illustration: Pierre Estable

  • Photography: Wieglas

  • Massage: Clement B.

  • His :  David Pomlait


ART Theme

  • Excess of desire -  David Black

  • Burlesque eroticism -  Brian Scott Bagley

  • Taboo writing -  Francoise Simpère

  • Ritual/earth -  Filipina Schaefer

  • Photographic living picture -  Wieglas


ENERGY theme

  • Sexual energy: beyond the drive -  Melanie LeGrand

  • The taste journey -  Julia Palomb

  • The Erotic Ear -  David Poml

  • Erotic wrestling -  Michael McMurra

  • The spanking of the drum -  London Faeri

  • DIY strap-on -  Natalie M and  Senzo M.

  • Safe Eros -  Booth


HOLD Theme

  • Under the influence of the Cocoa Goddess -  London Faeri

  • Come on my ropes! -  Red Lily

  • Visioperf -  Senzo M and  Sistine

  • Needle sets -  Marquis

  • Self-suspension -  Red Lily

  • Cybersex and avatars -  Yann M

Photo : Mélanie Le Grand

EROSPHERE: the concept

A appel à candidature pour les ateliers Erosphère 2020 - Call for applications for the Erosphere 2020 workshops

Every summer, Erosticratie invites you to Erosphere, the interactive festival dedicated to erotic creativity. It is the interaction of Eros – love, creativity, sexuality – with Sphere – harmony, lightness, immersion. Erosphere brings us together, regardless of sex, gender, identity or orientations, with and beyond the existing communities.

This initiative has two aspects: the OFF, with free access and taking place all over the capital, and the IN, for which there is a fee, located in the center of Paris.

A few days before the IN festival, the OFF is a cultural and playful way to get acquainted with the festival's spirit, before taking the leap into the IN. It is a cultural and playful jewel case which reflects our curiosity, open to all, in free access or with a sliding contribution. It ends with "Les Avant-goûts" (the Foretaste), a festive launch party typical of Eristocratie's spirit.

The IN offers interactive workshops, all mixing creative, playful, initiatic or technical aspects. Every module-workshop takes one to three hours to complete, and can host 30 to 50 people. Participants can choose between 3 different workshops during each given time slot. Every workshop is scheduled twice, which allows for a unique and regretless journey.

On Sunday, an immersive 8-hour workshop is the IN's conclusion : participants and crew get together in an offbeat and unpredictable free interactive expression, implementing what they gained through the modules. The resident artists are at work in this merry maelstrom.

During the duration of the festival, a resting place will be available for participants.

The festival is completely organized and volunteers receive training so that we can offer you a Caring and Inclusive Space (EBI). A Listening and Support space will be open to all participants who may need some advice or help.

A contribution is asked, in the form of daily passes offering access to more than thirty hours of activities over 4 days, and to all events.

The participating audience (major and of sound body and mind), has a constructive and respectful attitude, as mentioned in our charter. In such an auspicious context, we bet you will soon be riding the playful and blissful wind of your inspiration…

The festival team

For all practical questions, consult the EROSPHERE FAQ.

Concept Erosphere
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