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dimanche 21 novembre 2022

15h30 - 19h

Every summer, Erosticracy invites you to Erosphere, the interactive festival dedicated to erotic creativity. It is the interaction of Eros - love, creativity, sexuality - with Sphere - harmony, lightness, immersion. Erosphere brings us together, regardless of sex, gender, identity or orientations, with and beyond the existing communities.

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To support us in our projects, the first step is to join the association , which will allow you to officially form part of Erosticracy.

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You can also help us with a donation, and support a specific project (soon online).


Photo: Robert Darklight for Erosphere 2017

Web_Accueil_P HONNEMANN.jpg

Photo: Honnemann for Lyx


​Erosticracy (English for “Erosticratie”) is an artistic and political project which aims at questioning and building the role of Eros in the society. The People of Erosticracy – those who created the concept – bring together various talents depending on the projects developed. Inspired by the Factory, we use several forms of art and communication, such as photography, video, live performance and writing.

Through Art – a powerful energy medium – we go beyond genders to mobilize different sexual communities. Our approach is genuinely hedonistic and playful, away from the “religion / pornography / sex education” triptych.

We try not to work by the "sexuality" standard, but to work on "sexualities" and "genders", specifically by considering all erotic practices in an open and positive way.

One may be frightened when exploring his/her body, senses and desires; those who dare to do it gain admittance in a restricted circle. Erosticracy refuses this type of sexual elistism: we wish to democratize these practices by facilitating connections through exhibitions, workshops, master classes, happenings and parties.

​Our aim is to help discover - and experiment - eroticism of Art and Art of eroticism.

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