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Erosphere participation charter


When you register at the ticket office, you are invited to validate the following Charter. Complying with the rules below is essential to participate in the festival.


We respect your anonymity. You can introduce yourself to other people as you wish.


1. The IN festival is reserved for adults, responsible and respectful people who participate voluntarily and who have informed themselves of its content and this charter.


2. Interactions respect the principles of safety, hygiene and consent, both during activities (exercises, workshops, improvisations, etc.) and during breaks and informal moments.

Our definition of consent:

"Without YES, it is NO,” whether verbal or non-verbal: this is the basis of consent.

Only during specific workshops/games, based on precise instructions, clearly formulated and accepted before the game, can temporarily and in a supervised environment, modify the rule of "Without YES, it is NO”. Even in this specific context, the possibility must always be offered that everyone should be able to formulate a NO, regardless of the role taken on and the specific constraints (e.g. inability to speak), throughout the workshop/game.
It must always be possible to specify the limits of the YES ("yes, I do but with such and such a restriction").
A distinction must be made between the global NO, which ends the interaction, and a NO to x or y proposal. Again, communication is essential for an expression without a "grey area" of consent. It is the responsibility of the person who has obtained prior consent to control during the interaction that his or her partner is always OK and comfortable - by looking at the other and with constant attention to the body language that the other emits.
Do not hesitate to set up a specific code (safe word, color code, signs, etc.).

Cultural power and consent:
Each festival-goer must be aware of possible differences in cultural power that may generate a consent bias: differences in gender, ethnic origin, appearance, class, financial situation, education, language, the presence or absence of a disability situation - or any other differences, linking him/her to a more culturally privileged group.

Safer Sex :
It is essential to act consciously and to differentiate between personal "safer" and safer group  exploration: group sexual practices in workshops often involve a multiplicity of partners, which implies increased precautions, in order to minimize any risk of STI transmission.
We provide you with the necessary supplies (lubricant, gloves, internal or external condoms, dental dams, sex toy cleaner). You can also bring your own supplies if you prefer.

3. You cannot take pictures during the festival.

Some photographers are accredited: they will be presented to you at the welcome conference every morning. Photos will respect your anonymity, unless you have chosen to wear the specific bracelet, indicating that you agree to be photographed or filmed.

An illustrator will also be present: he/she will not produce any drawing allowing identification of the participants.

The workshops involving images can preserve anonymity upon request (masks and bandages to cover identifying marks available). You can also bring your own anonymization accessories).


4. An attitude of kindness, respect and mutual assistance is expected.

In this regard, we would like to point out that no discriminatory behaviour or comments will be tolerated. Always be aware of the scope of your attitudes and comments - and this also applies to any form of oppressive humour. Judgments and mockery have no place at Erosphere.


5. You will pay attention to the instructions given by the organization during the modules and will do your best to apply them.


6. It is not tolerated to be in an altered state (alcohol, drugs...) on the festival premises.

Alcohol and drug consumption is not allowed during the festival or in the festival spaces. Any inappropriate behaviour will be punished. Like any place open to the public, Erosticracy events are subject to the law and any use of illegal substances is therefore strictly prohibited.


We invite you to be vigilant about the increase in risk during ChemSex practices, particularly in terms of the ability to consent in a free and informed manner.


7. The organization declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss or damage to your personal belongings.


8. The organization cannot be held responsible for any physical or emotional damage you may suffer or cause.


9. Due to the state of emergency, you must accept the inspection of your bags at the entrance.


10. Violation of this charter will result in a warning, or even exclusion, at the discretion of the organization, without refund.


11. We expect our participants to have individual liability insurance, which is usually backed by your housing insurance. Otherwise, it can also be simply taken out with any insurance company, to cover the risks you may cause during the festival but also in everyday life. However, as a last resort, knowing that a liability contract within the framework of the association's activities is subscribed by Erosticracy, you can benefit from the guarantees granted to members (under the conditions and limits to which they refer) by becoming a member, for 5€, when you register (option).

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