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Frequently asked questions



The Erosphère team is committed to provide you with any requested information. This FAQ page will be improved and added to as new questions arise.


What are the opening hours?

The "IN" festival doors are opened between 9am and 10pm (we welcome you from 9am to 10am, then the daily briefing occurs) - this for thursday, friday and saturday. On Sunday, the festival is opened from 12h30 to 22h00, but access is opened between 12h30 and 13h30 only. 


Can I sleep on-site?

No. The venue will be vacated and closed at 10pm every evening.


What about accomodation?

We are in the process of negotiating partnerships and fees with local inns and youth hostels: we will keep you posted ASAP. In the meantime, you are advised to book any lodging available to you.


I am unable to pay the entrance fee over Internet. Any alternative?

We prefer payments online. If this method is unavailable to you, please mail your booking to indicating the tickets you want and all relevant details. Your booking will be taken into account providing your payment is cleared within 7 days.


Will I be able to cancel my booking? What about refunds?

Cancellation is possible until July 1st. However a €20 processing fee will be charged. Exceptional situations will be considered if you present us with the appropriate documents: doctor's notes, death certificates, etc. The EroSphère team reserves the right to grant cancellations on a case-by-case basis, and a €50 cancellation fee will be applied.


What about anonymity?

Anonymity is paramount to us. All participants will introduce themselves as they see fit and may elect to use the playname of their choosing.

Nonetheless you'll be requested to use your real name when signing the EroSphère festival charter prior to collecting your access wristband. This document will remain private and will be destroyed within 30 days.


How will workshop/timeslot registrations be handled?

No registration will be considered in advance to the EroSphère festival opening; allocated places are final. For each timeslot, the number of places is limited: these will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

Whenever three workshops are scheduled concurrently - so-called "triade" in the timetable -, participants are invited to choose the workshop they enrol in so everybody can fit in.


Will I be able to participate in every workshop?

All workshops are scheduled twice. A single workshop can be attended during each timeslot; in case you want to attend two concurrent workshops, you'll need to register for another available slot. Please refer to the timetable & remember that, once places are allocated, all registrations are final.

In order to allow all participants to engage in various workshops, we invite you to enrol only once for each workshop… unless places remain available.


Do I have to take part?

The EroSphère festival relies on the involvement of each and every participant. Hence all participants are expected to take part and contribute to activities, to share experiences and practices. Each performer will engage you alternatively as an actor or as a spectator, so everyone can experience both facets. We recommend that you don't enrol in a workshop if you are not willing to take part in the activities described.


Can I decline to carry out an activity?

At any time, you can suspend or discontinue your involvement in an activity, with no questions asked - everyone is respectful  of your  personal limits.

While trying something new or breaking a habit, it's sometimes advisable to opt out for a while before taking part again.

However, should you remain “offside” for a longer period, the performer reserves the right to determine whether this attitude is in conflict with the purpose of the workshop, and may exclude you from it.


Can I take pictures or videos?

No, absolutely not. As a matter of respect and anonymity, taking pictures or filming during the Érosphère festival is strictly forbidden. Any participant caught breaking this rule will be immediately expelled from the festival, with no refund. A photographer designated by the EroSphère team will take pictures for the purpose of advertising the event. These will respect your anonymity. However, you reserve the right to request the deletion of any pictures where you appear.


And… will we have sex?

This is not the purpose of the EroSphère festival.

Keep in mind that the principle is to stay in harmony with the others and with the spirit and context of the festival, whilst respecting everyone's sensibilities. 


What about reception and security conditions?

The venue meets all required security standards. Access will be limited to the EroSphère team, performers and participants. Designated staff will be in charge of welcoming and controlling access to the venue: we ask you facilitate their work. Furthermore, it is forbidden to use any narcotics or to drink alcohol during the Erosphère festival.

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