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Erosticracy Charter

In all our internal activities or for the benefit of our public, respectful spaces must be created, collectively and in conscience.

All of our events must take place in an inclusive and empowering setting, to explore, share and flourish in welcoming communication. So that everyone can signify and live their needs, their limits and welcome without judgment those of others (for example by agreeing on a word or gesture allowing to modulate or interrupt an interaction). It is through this network of benevolence and consent of all that everyone will be able to allow themselves a positive letting go. Space is under our collective responsibility, it is up to everyone to respect it.

An attitude of benevolence, respect and mutual assistance is expected from all


Our definition of consent

“Without YES, it's NO”, whether verbal or non-verbal: this is the basis of consent.

Only one-off and specific games, based on specific instructions, clearly formulated and accepted upstream of the game, can temporarily and in a supervised manner, modify the rule of “Without YES, that's NO”. Even in this specific context, the possibility must always be offered that everyone is able to formulate a NO, whatever the role assumed and the specific constraints (impossibility of speaking, for example), and this throughout the game. .

It must always be possible to specify the limits of YES (“yes, I want to but with such and such restriction”).

It is necessary to differentiate the global NO which puts an end to the interaction of a NO at x or y proposition. Once again, communication is essential for an expression without a “gray area” of consent. It is up to the person having obtained prior consent to control during the interaction that his / her partner is always OK, comfortable - seeking his looks and with constant attention to the bodily signals the person emits.

Do not hesitate to set up a specific code (safe word, color code, sign etc.).

Power and consent

The organizers, volunteers, speakers and artists associated with our events must always be aware of their position of power. This position can influence the free will of people, who could consent, through this power alone, to sexual interactions, to games or to have a relationship with them (admiration, increased difficulty in rejecting a proposal, etc. .).


Cultural power and consent

Likewise, everyone must be aware of any differences in cultural power that may generate a consent bias: differences in gender, ethnic origin, appearance, class, financial situation, education, language, presence or absence of a disability - or any other differences, attaching him / her to a culturally more privileged group.


Point Safer Sex

It is fundamental to act with full awareness, in terms of safer sex. To differentiate the personal safer from the exploration safer, in a group: group sexual practices, during workshops, often induce a multiplicity of partners, which implies increased precautions, in order to minimize the risk of transmission of IST. All our sexually implicating events provide the necessary equipment (lubricant, gloves, internal or external condoms, dental dams, sex toy cleaner). People can also bring their own equipment, if they prefer.


LGBT + diversity

Erosticracy tends, as far as possible, to include diversity, with single-sex or mixed-sex activities chosen, in connection with the content of the activity.

Without being a queer association, Erosticracy is committed to welcoming the widest possible audience. This requires everyone to accept the differences of others.


Disability inclusion

Erosticracy does its best to open its activities to people with specific needs (disability, chronic illness, etc.), according to its means.

If you are concerned, please contact us before the activity, in order to assess with you your possibilities of access and participation.


Fight against discrimination

In all our activities (events, work meetings ...), no discriminatory behavior or comments can be tolerated (sexism, racism, grossophobia, validism and others).


Behavior and alcohol / drugs

Alcohol: Be responsible for your alcohol consumption, during those of our events where it is authorized. Inappropriate behavior cannot be accepted.

Drugs: Like any place open to the public, the events of the Erosticracy fall under the law and any use of illicit substances is therefore strictly prohibited.


Sources: Summer House Consent Guidelines; Participation charter for the Erosphere festival (addressed to festival-goers); values ​​contained in the Inclusive Benevolent Space of the Erosphere festival; values ​​of Erosticracy.

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