Solidarity rate

The solidarity rate is proposed when joining the association and for the majority of our events, to adults and students, unemployed, receiving the RSA or the RMI and equivalent foreign social assistance.

To benefit from this rate, send your supporting documents specifying the event in which you wish to participate or yout membership to

Erosphere at the solidarity rate

Only people with a solidarity rate code can buy a seat at this rate.

The code is allocated after an eligibility qualification and, if there are more requested than available places before the opening of the ticket office, a draw is made (see diagram below). Applications not drawn will be placed on the waiting list.

Rejected requests will be motivated and notified by e-mail. You can then buy a ticket at the normal price (or be put on the waiting list, if there is no more space available at the normal price.

For admissible requests when there is no longer a place available at the solidarity or normal rate, you will have the possibility of being placed on the waiting list for a place at the solidarity rate and / or the normal rate.

Requests are processed in order of receipt of the form.